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Technical and Logistics field service professionals:

Where even the President gets his hands dirty.


  LH-DESSTech is a warranty services/field service support company seeking subcontract work within the government and private industry. We are comprised of a small cadre of field service technicians and logistics professionals. We were formed due in part to the fundamental need that organizations that utilize integrated technology must have field support. Whoever provides that support should be capable of: rapid response, professional services, accurate fault resolution, and regional coverage. LH-DESSTech's team tackles those demands head on. We employ "Agile Support" as our primary approach to field service support. Agile support means that our team members will make use of time based opportunities that naturally occur during maintenance events as a by product of sound maintenance practices. Because our service professionals are sensitive to this aspect we are able to: (1) Anticipate a customer's needs. (2) Conduct on the spot user level training if needed. (3) Identify defects in advance of complete system failures (allows for scheduled system downtime versus a system outage during peak system use.). These capabilities allow our team members to take an accurate "pulse reading" in regards to an organization's operating tempo.

  Why is "Agile Support" distinguishable from the regular field service approach maintenance? Over the past twenty to twenty five years technology has become accessible to nearly every demographic within the United States and abroad (even the homeless have cell phones!). While domestic and global maintenance needs are continuously expanding, organic maintenance support is in steep decline. Many businesses favor tailored warranty services over detailed in house maintenance support. Agile field support stands out in such environments - it is less intrusive (our technicians get that we are guests; invited by the customer, to provide a professional service). LH-DESSTech strives to keep our partnerships free of the hubris that typically creeps in these professional relationships by honoring the fact that the equipment belongs to the customer, not us! It's important to note that LH-DESSTech's President, Avery Lee, has worked 'hands on' in the field service technology industry for two decades and counting. During this time (a brief account is detailed below) I have taken notice of the shifts in maintenance support requirements.

  My career in field support services began with the United States Air Force back in 1998. Ground Radio (part of the Communications Electronics family) was the path that I elected to travel on as I attempted to gain a transferable skill-set for when I would inevitably leave active duty service. From building radio antenna array fields and setting up long-haul High Frequency (HF) radio circuits for the Airforce, no matter the climate or location, to the servicing of Air Traffic Control And Landing Systems (ATCALS) ground-to-ground, ground-to-air radio systems (LST 5B Satellite Radio; AN/GRR 23/24 Receivers; AN/GRC-171 B(V)4; AN/URC 119, RT-1446 Pacer Bounce and the various cryptographic loaders associated with these and a litany of other radio systems.). Following the military I was involved in multiple desert deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan supporting OIF/OEF projects as a contractor. My roles were varied; from logistics to maintenance and installation as well as instructor at times. Primarily working on the Blue Force Tracker system and then on the  Counter RCIED Electronic Warfare (CREW) project. Far more demanding than military specifications was the set-up and installation of commercial residential satellite systems for Dish Network. Some time was spent working as a Train Control Technician for LYNX's Light Rail team in Charlotte, NC. Although it is still considered field service work the "customer" in this scenario was not clearly defined by management - I would say it was the equipment itself and then "Joe Schmo Taxpayer".  I reconnected to my roots  with Leidos; servicing numerous TSA security check point Trace Detection Systems for OEMs like: L-3; CEIA, Implant Sciences.                                                              

  Our Field Support Team was carefully selected from a pool of ardent professionals, some of which I have had the pleasure of working with professionally. I quickly discovered these professionals are not just talented people, but they also possess the desire to abandon comfortable situations in order to take on new challenges. For this reason alone LH-DESSTech is  confident that its young reputation will stand tall on the shoulders of its core group of professionals. We pledge to set our team(s) up for success. We encourage our team(s) to solve problems at the lowest level possible and to seek answers internally before placing added burdens on advanced technical support personnel provided by most OEMs.

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Capabilities Statement

NAICS Code(s):

488190, 811211, 811212, 811213, 515112, 488210, 517311

DUNS #: 081099212 / Cage Code: 82HQ1

Partner with a winning team. The team assembled at LH-DESSTech is more than excited to bring its sophistication and nuance to an industry that is forced to persuade talent from an outside organization to join them in order to have its own talent pool stocked.  Our company gives other entities access to rock solid talent - We can do this because our organization firmly believes that the success of us is in our people. This approach affords our partners confidence knowing that they can rely on and will receive the fair market support for each budgeted dollar spent on us, and that market value will deepen with every renewal of our support.

The core of my  team's confidence comes from but is not limited to the following:

  • Set-up/tear down of antenna array fields along with High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio reach back circuits.

  • Setup/tear down of AN/TRC-170 Satellite system

  • Commercial and residential satellite installation

  • Field level trouble shooting on behalf of the United States Armed Forces' Source Maintenance Recoverability (SMR) codes

  • Intra/Outer theater logistics support (shipping/receiving/packaging/banding/palletizing/Customs/RFID tracking/documentation) for both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

  • Maintenance and field support provided CONUS provided on multiple contracts with: SPAWAR, MARCOR SYSCOM, USAF, SRCTec (Counter RF-IED Electronic Warfare), ManTech (Blue Force Tracker - Logistics/installation/DRMO), 

  • Dept Homeland Security (DHS - TSA/ILS Contract)

  • Cable/Wire installation for commercial and residential

  • Thirty plus years of global logistics support for Dept of Logistics Agency (DLA)

  • Courier Support FedEx/UPS: Route support, Loading/unloading, Package sorting

  • Over 155 thousand miles traveled in regional warranty services support on behalf of L-3 Communications and Leidos on the TSA-ILS contract

  • Extensive Maintenance Support on Charlotte, NC Blue Line Extension Project. Maintenance of Way (MOW) Maintenance and Track service and inspection. Combined fifteen years of service and experience.

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Abstract Architecture

Warranty Services

Field Service Maintenance/Logistics/Training & Development

LH-DESSTech is able to provide its customers with agile support because of the collective expertise of our team members. Part of our team's high points is their commitment to their respective communities. Many come to the team with years worth of community service - It is not mere filler for the resume either. im several cases the President of LH-DESSTech worked on community projects some of our team members:


Borders, B. - USAF Vet. Trained in RF/Wide-band/Military Electronics, Residential/Commercial Satellite & Internet Installation, Cable Pulling/Routing/Termination, Lead Trainer/Instructor, Security System Installation, Supervisor. (Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Johnson, E. - Field Service Maintainer on Maintenance Of Way (Track/Equipment), Field Service Maintainer - Rail Car Electro-Mechanical Systems, CDL Licensee (Class A, Heavy Equipment Operator on Right of Way), Site Safety Manager, Site Survey Manager, Certified Overhead Crane Use & Basic Troubleshooting, Supervisor,

(Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Carey J. - USAF Vet, Trained in Munitions before transitioning into commercial/residential satellite installation. Recently certified in HVAC fundamental principles. Skilled running cable, commercial/residential. Trained Security System Installer.

(Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Logistics Support:

Hutchins, K. - Bi-Lingual (Fluent in English/Spanish) , Inventory Journeyman, Forklift Operator, Certified CDL Driver (Class A/B with P Endorsement), Shipping/Receiving/Banding/Customs/Tracking of Parcels, Accurate Records Maintained Through Data Entry. Knowledgeable User of Windows Office Programs, Team Lead, Several Years of Volunteer Community Service.

(Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Moore T. - Driver for FedEx, Inventory Specialist, Accounts for Inventory Utilizing Data Entry Devices. Trained In Parcel Shipping/Receiving/Handling, Certified CDL Operator (Class B with P Endorsement), Knowledgeable Of MSDS Program (Material Safety Data Sheet), Knowledgeable in Basic Supply Chain Logistics, Trained in Customer Service (Phone and Point of Sale Transactions), Loads/Unloads Panel Vans per DOT State Regulations, Several Years of Volunteer Community Service.

(Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Jean, Z. - CDL Operator (Class A/B with Hazmat and P Endorsements), Drier for Commercial and Private Entities, Knowledgeable in Basic Warehouse Supply Chain Logistics. Trained in Intermediate Bench Stock Practices. Bi-Lingual (Fluent in French/English), Basic Knowledge Of Windows Office Suite, Several Years of Volunteer Community Service. (Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Training & Development:

Artero, P. -

(Consultant, Awaiting Activation)

Lee, A. -

Urban Railway Tracks

About Us:

Subcontractor Support

What our technicians do:

Receive OEM or organic training from a Subject Matter Expert for just about any electronic, electro-mechanical, Radio Frequency based system. Then our techs jump immediately into the field. We then provide field level system support that involves scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions. We follow all technical manuals that are provided for our guidance. We can also provide additional operational instruction (coordinated support) to entities that may require a refresh on their training received. We are available for the installation and or decommissioning of systems.

 Currently our logistics team acts in concert with our technicians to provide seamless, (initially, the logistics arm will operate in the background. While our customers may not be directly aware of this service they will be positively impacted as they help keep our technicians from being overburdened with paperwork and RMA actions), life-cycle maintenance support to our team.

  We have faith that entities of a far greater magnitude  than us can still remember what it was like when they were establishing their footprint in the industry. Our company relies on such espirit de corps that exists between fellow entrepreneurs and technology workers. We look forward to partnering with any and all entities wanting to participate in our ceremonial leap into the market place with us, we are sure to make a footprint when we finally land.

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Work Hours

*On Call Technical Support

Tech Support -

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

(*On Call: Much like most field support technicians our team will use situational awareness. Personal safety and extensive time in the field allows our technicians to make sound decisions should any work extend past normally defined work hours)

Logistics Support -

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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Please, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Someone will get back with you immediately upon receipt of your question(s). Thank you for your time and consideration.

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